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About HCSP

Our business model is built on successful relationships, efficiency, knowledge and trust.

Formed in 2012, HCSP finds the highest performers from around the world, covering multiple disciplines across our chosen sectors and are renowned for our ability to identify candidates prepared to work in remote and sometimes difficult locations. Our clients choose us because we have a proven track record of success, adopting a collaborative and innovative approach at all times.

HCSP places highly skilled professionals at mid-career to board level in a wide-ranging number of roles, including Technical, Legal, Commercial, Finance, Drilling & Operations, Engineering, Subsurface and New Ventures Management. We also have extensive experience working on behalf of E&P, EPC and Service companies.

Our approach has allowed us to build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and sector professionals who turn to us time and again because, they say, we always operate with integrity and respect. Our specialist team has vast experience of working on some of the most technical and complex positions. Due to our in-depth understanding, global network and deep research methodologies, we have continued to deliver the very best candidates.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender diversity in the energy sector is vital for driving more innovative and inclusive solutions for clean energy transitions. Women’s participation in the energy sector is below that of the broader global economy and varies widely across sub-sectors. Despite making up 48% of the global labour force, women only account for 22% of employees in the oil and gas sector and 32% in renewables¹.

HCSP is committed to supporting industry leaders in cultivating a more diverse and inclusive workforce and draws from an expansive talent pool to bring more under-represented minorities into each of our core energy sub-sectors.


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¹Source: Irena