standard-title Pharmaceuticals


We operate at the heart of the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Most modern medicines come from some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, but they also come from the companies you may never have heard of!  HCSP aims to connect the best candidates with both of these groups.

The pharmaceutical industry covers research and development, manufacturing and supply, and commercial development of new and existing products. These products are designed for patient wellbeing at all times.

With the correct qualifications and exposure to the sector, you could make a genuine difference within the industry, and potentially make discoveries that could create global

Areas of employment in science and pharmaceuticals could include:

  • Academic research
  • Chemicals
  • Forensic science
  • Healthcare science
  • Product development
  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices
  • Materials science
  • Toxicology

As well as roles within finance, commercial, legal, human resources and much more.

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